Don’t shut your eyes to this picture because WE did this. Now we have to make it right

Amazing isn’t it? We can all stomach endless grainy video images of boatloads of people drowning in the sea. Yes, we’ll huff and puff a bit about how awful it is, but then we quickly get back to our own comparatively comfortable, non-drowning lives. Yet one pin-sharp image of a three-year-old boy washed up on … Continue reading

#Israel 11th assassination anniversary: Who is #SheikhAhmedYassin?

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11th assassination anniversary of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin ~ World Bulletin / News Desk, Sunday, 22 March 2015. Hamas organized several activities to mark the occasion, most prominently was the launch of the movement’s official website from inside the residence of the late Hamas leader in Gaza City. Palestinian resistance faction Hamas on Sunday marked the…