Why Most Terrorists Are Muslims?

By Dr Asif

Why Most Terrorists Are Muslims?

Why The World Hates Islam And The Muslims?

Why Are Muslims At The Center Stage Of Terrorism?

Are Muslims Barbaric and Violent as the Media portrays?

And Again….Where To Draw The Line?

Please be sincere and honest to yourself first… you will never uncover the oppression and lies of the media against Islam and the Muslims unless you keep aside the preconceived notions about Islam that you have been spoon fed for several decades through the Media..

I know very well that most of you hate Muslims and Islam from the depths of your hearts.We dont blame you for that!

We, as Muslims are partially to take the blame for our horrible behavior and unworthy character that many of us have portrayed to you…The other half of the blame goes to the Media (ABC,BBC,CNN,Al Jazeera ,etc) on how they portray us to fulfill their well sponsored Agenda.

If you are sincere in clearing the dust off your eyes about Islam and Muslims, please do not judge Islam by the actions of the Muslims.

Muslims, by definition, are a group of human beings who are mostly born to parents who are Muslims or have Muslim names. They don’t necessarily represent the teachings of Islam.


In every community, there are Black Sheeps. But the Media, takes the Black Sheeps among the Muslims, portrays them in big screens and says to you – ” Look! This is how All Muslims are!”

So if you want to clear off the dust and look at Islam as it sincerely is..please read the Quran ( Islamic scripture). If you can, please get a copy of the Quran with translation of whichever language you speak best, at any authentic Islamic book stores around your place or ask your Muslim friend for a copy. If you are unable to get one, then please visit any authentic Islamic websites which includes – 


 Please watch this short clip –


If you want to know the full story of how Muslims have become the Center Stage of Terrorism, please watch this video –






Media, The Modern Warfare – But where to draw The Line??

The take home message of this article is to neither trust the Murdoch’s Media Circus (Main Stream Media -ABC,BBC,CNN,Fox News, Aljazeera,etc) nor the alternative media outlets (RT, Presstv, etc) .  Each media agency has an agenda of their own. They will manufacture horrible lies, twist the facts and deceive the masses to reach their well funded objectives.

But surely the alternative media is an inch more trustworthy than the Zionist Media Circus.

Surely, with no exaggeration, the worst media corporation is the Murdoch Corporate Media Circus (Main Stream Media – ABC, BBC, CNN, Fox News, Aljazeera, etc) whose lies and deceptive propaganda are so blatant and obvious much of the time. They will do utmost anything to convince the blind and deaf masses of the manufactured and deceptive lies. They will make the oppressors looks like the victims and the victims as the oppressors.

Their News presenters have Phd’s in deception and they know very well how to fool the masses with the alteration of their voice, tone, language, facial expressions, etc according to the situations.

The Main Stream Media have played a major role in the last few decades in promoting wars all over the world by using phony logos e.g.

War Against Terror, In the name of Democracy, in the name of Freedom, fighting fundementalists, terrorists, islamists, etc

Thus Islam and the Muslims have become the victims of their horrible and deceptive propaganda.

Additionally they acted as the major assets of the western military industrial complex, the security firms, petroleum corporations etc thus making billions of dollars worth of profits.

I implore the viewers to stop blindly following these ruthless media outlets and seek authentic knowledge through the authentic sources. If you are unable to confirm the claims, do have patience until things get clearer and do not jump to hasty conclusions that you may regret afterwards.

O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of regret for what ye have done. (Qur’an 49:6)

                                                                                              Dr Asif


The BBC World Service is being financially outgunned by Russian and Chinese state-owned news channels, its former director Peter Horrocks has warned, amid high-level concerns that Britain and the US are losing a global “information war” with the Kremlin.

Horrocks said ministers should review Britain’s spending overseas and consider freeing up extra World Service funding to combat the wave of Moscow-backed propaganda sweeping Europe.

“Medium to long term there has to be an anxiety about the spending of others compared to what the BBC are putting into it,” Horrocks said. “You can take a view of the overall national interest and things we spend on international influence, like military spending. When you look at that it would take it in a certain direction.”

International alarm over the rise of Kremlin-funded news, led by 24-hour news channel Russia Today, has intensified following Vladimir Putin’s military intervention in Ukraine and his feud with the west.

David Cameron told MPs he had raised with President Obama his concern about Russian news channels “pumping out a distorted picture” of events in Ukraine after the issue was raised by leaders in the Baltic states at the G20 summit in Australia.

Horrocks, who stepped down earlier this month as the executive in charge of the BBC’s global news operations, said the corporation had asked the Foreign Office (FCO) “whether there’s anything they want to do with development funding for extra programming for Ukraine” but he had not yet had a reply.

FCO funding for the World Service stopped in April, with the £245m annual budget now coming out of the licence fee. Despite this shift, Horrocks said “considering supplementary funding [from the FCO] is something that could be on the policy agenda and could be part of the discussion about the BBC’s future”.

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He added: “We are being financially outgunned by Russia and the Chinese but there’s no way we’re being outgunned on the results [global audience]. The role we need to play is an even handed one. We shouldn’t be pro-one side or the other, we need to provide something people can trust.”

Demand for BBC World Service output has soared since the Ukraine-Russia crisis began. The corporation’s Russian-language service has more than doubled to 6.9 million listeners, while in Ukraine its audience has trebled to more than 600,000 since last year.

Globally the BBC’s news operation appears to be healthy – reaching a record 265 million people a week, including the World Service’s 191.4 million audience – in spite of a raft of service closures and cuts since 2010.

As the World Service has pared back, Russia Today has expanded spectacularly. The network, which broadcasts a pro-Kremlin interpretation of world events in English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian, launched a UK-focused channel based in Millbank, central London, recently and plans to launch German and French channels next year.

Putin will next year increase its global budget by 40% to 15.38bn roubles (£183m), up from 11.87bn roubles this year. The channel boasts of a worldwide reach of 700 million – while never disclosing the actual size of its audience – after expanding its Spanish service across South America.

At the same time, state funding has been ramped up for Rossiya Segodnya, a global news agency built on the remains of the liquidated RIA Novosti. Earlier this month Rossiya Segodnya launched Sputnik, an English-language online and radio service to replace Voice of Russia. Its TV news anchor is Dmitry Kiselev, described as Russia’s chief propagandist with a record of attacking homosexuals, who said the project was aimed at a global audience “tired of aggressive propaganda promoting a unipolar world (zionist media circus) and who want a different perspective”.

John Whittingdale, chair of the Commons culture, media and sport select committee, said: ” We are being outgunned massively by the Russians and Chinese and that’s something I’ve raised with the BBC. It is frightening the extent to which we are losing the information war.”

Whittingdale said he would seek assurances from BBC News director James Harding about protecting the World Service as a counterweight to Russia Today. “The clear commitment that has been given by Russia and China [to expand state-run news channels in Europe] strengthens the case why we should be backing the World Service,” he said.

Senior BBC executives say privately that the World Service gives the corporation a strong card to play in the upcoming royal charter renewal talks. They sense growing unease among Tory MPs about the future of the licence fee, but know that many of them are passionate supporters of the World Service as a measure of Britain’s influence overseas.

“On a global scale the BBC are concerned because they are being outspent by the Russians and Chinese on a spectacular scale,” said Professor Stewart Purvis, the former ITN chief executive. “It’s the soft power war that’s replaced the cold war. The Russian and Chinese channels are clearly proxies for their governments and Britain is being vastly outspent.”

Sir Tony Brenton, Britain’s former ambassador to Moscow, said the boom in pro-Kremlin propaganda in Europe reflected the insecure mindset of the Russian government. While he did not see the rise of Russia Today as a threat, Brenton warned that any further cuts to the World Service would harm Britain’s influence on the global stage. “If you want a world that is just, you need a world where facts are given the maximum possible currency,” he said. “If I had money to spend on boosting Britain’s influence around the world then the World Service is one of the first places I would put it.”

Richard Sambrook, the director of Cardiff school of journalism and former head of BBC global news, said the World Service had “a fraction of the budget” of Chinese and Russian state-run outlets but nevertheless remains influential in world news. “Russia Today’s expansion is part of a big investment in soft power. A lot of the eastern states have made bit investments in international broadcasting and that’s their attempt to influence western audiences in the same way the BBC have in the past tried to do that,” he said. “What they’re saying is they are offering a different perspective – the problem is that’s quite often fictional.”

Last month Russia Today’s UK channel was threatened with statutory sanctions by Ofcom after breaching the broadcasting code on due impartiality over its coverage of the Ukraine crisis. The channel was censured over four reports, including one featuring a pundit, Mark Sleboda, who described the Kiev regime as a “putsch government” that came to power with the help of violent mobs which included “a number of extremists”.

It is the 10th breach of Ofcom’s code in nine years and there are six investigations ongoing, but some close to the regulator believe Russia Today is spoiling for a fight and would relish being fined or even taken off air by the UK. “Ofcom is right to investigate and impose penalties if breaches have occured,” said Whittingdale. “Where we need to be careful is not to give a propaganda weapon to the Russians. There is nothing Russia would like more than to be able to say the west is censoring us.”

In London, Russia Today has been on a 12-month recruitment drive in preparation for its UK launch. Many who apply for jobs there are young, enthusiastic journalists lured by the prospect of apparently limitless resources. Sara Firth, a former London-based correspondent who resigned in July in protest at its coverage of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, said presenters’ salaries were “astronomical” and the average monthly take home pay for middle-ranking staff was around £4,300 after tax [see footnote]. In December, all London staff are rewarded with double pay in an initiative known internally as “the 13th month”. “There’s money everywhere,” Firth said. “It’s not the nice side of things but the reason people stay so long is that the money is limitless. It’s frustrating because it’s a huge organisation with all those resources and all this money and all those people who want to do great stories [but], when it comes down to it, the heart of Russia Today is not journalism, it’s the propaganda.”

Firth said there were daily internal battles in London about what could be aired, with routine material like pitches and scripts having to be signed off by top-level officials in Moscow. “I wouldn’t consider myself a propagandist but at the end of it the reality was that I was working for Putin. I was being used as a tool and that was to get out the Kremlin line.”

American anchor Liz Wahl, whose on-air resignation as Russia Today’s Washington correspondent in March has been viewed millions of times on YouTube, said executives conceded that it would never have a following to match CNN or Fox News, but that “it doesn’t necessarily matter how many people are watching – the focus, instead, is on getting the message out”. “When you first start working there, the managers say the goal of the station is to cover stories the mainstream media ignores and to provide alternative news with a different perspective than traditional media outlets. That sounds like a noble mission right? Well, what they don’t tell you up front is that that’s not the primary goal,” said Wahl.

“After a while working for RT, you learn what stories management likes and how to tackle stories in a manner that the bosses find favourable. You come to learn that these stories must conform to a basic principle: make the US and the west look bad. In doing so, you make Russia look better by comparison.”

Russia Today declined the Guardian’s request for an interview and said it was “not possible” to answer questions about its ambitions.

Hidden Agendas [Intro]

   By Kamil Ismail


Secret societies have existed for hundreds of years and ever since the beginning of time, man has been plagued with hidden forces controlling the outcome of many events occurring the world over. Could it be that such forces were in existence ever since the birth of Christ? Societies such as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and the Freemasons are only but a few of the many secret societies in existence and are things that most people have heard whispers about till today. The question still remains; what is their sole purpose and what is the big picture for them? Of course many have mentioned that the big picture would be a New World Order, the arrival of a false messiah or even the eradication of religion as we know it, only time will unveil such secrets.


Secret societies in fact mirror many aspects of life. There is always an exclusivity of membership, with importance attached to being a member or becoming a member. It is such in all human endeavors, even those which are not secret, such as sports teams and country clubs. This exclusive membership is actually one of the secret societies’ most powerful weapons. The usage of signs, passwords, rituals and other tools are all valuable functions as it is in organizations everywhere.

The enlightened ones, better known as the Illuminati, a secret organization everyone has heard of, yet many deny their existence.  Lucifer is also called the Light Bearer, and it would seem fitting to have members of the Illuminati being referred to as the enlightened ones. Its inception can be dated back to the 1700s, the foundation being laid in the land where Hitler was born. However, the disbandment of the Illuminati took place roughly around 1785. Were they really disbanded? Two centuries later they remain a much discussed entity with their presence being felt the world over. For an organization that was supposedly disbanded over two hundred years ago they seem very much intact.


One scenario that must be brought to light is the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1969. Supposedly assassinated by an ex-US Marine, by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald, J.F.K suffered a horrific death by sniper. However, what most people do not know is that Oswald was in fact arrested for the killing of a police officer 45 minutes after the President was shot. He was charged with the assassination of JFK later, but what was more bizarre was the fact that the secret service stood down moments before JFK was shot. You would notice this if you take a look at the video; it is immediately recognizable that there is some sort of confusion that seems to take place among the very men who should have protected the President with their lives. Perhaps the reason for the assassination was related to JFK’s refusal to be a puppet of the global elite. We all know that JFK was against secret societies. Take into consideration his speech, the speech against secret societies where he openly hints at a very secret and brutal organization lingering among the shadows controlling different aspects of the world through whatever means necessary.
“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence”

This sentence alone from JFK’s speech paints a very clear picture.

Secret societies remain a vast topic that contains so much of information and facts that it would be impossible to cover it all in a single article without being overloaded with a great deal of information. Therefore I will be looking at the other areas and segments that need to be brought to light in the coming weeks. Until then, always have an open mind and look at the facts for yourself and begin your process of waking up, and with that I leave you with this eye opening extract from the Holy Quran:

“  Secret counsels are only Satan’s, that he may cause mischief to those who believe, but he shall not harm them in the least except with the permission of God; upon God alone depend those who believe.”(58.10)

STOP that Vaccination! First Read..PART A

1) Your Body Immunity Made Ridiculously Simple


The microorganisms attacking your body produces antigen. Your body reacts to it and generates antibodies when the microorganism enters your body. Your body takes 2 weeks to produce antibodies. Therefore the antibody (police) fights the antigen(criminal).

Antigen has to be a protein or a protein that is attached to something else such as a carbohydrate. It has to be a foreign protein because our body has proteins (muscles, glands, etc). Our body does not produce antibodies against our own proteins. Every individual has their own unique proteins. That is how God created us. That is what differentiates one individual from another. That is why we cannot take each other’s tissues or blood so easily. If you take in any foreign proteins directly into your body, your entire system can collapse.


 To make in simpler terms, if you eat anything, there are 3 major components in your diet; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The proteins that you eat, be it animal protein or vegetable protein, they have to be digested and broken down into their basic units known as amino acids. These amino acids are absorbed and cross your intestinal tract and gets into your circulation and your body makes your own unique proteins with these amino acids. Therefore it cannot take foreign proteins.

 Similarly, if you eat starch or sugar, it has to be broken down into glucose and then absorbed into the body. Glucose is the only form of sugar that can be absorbed into your blood and produces your own form of starch called glycogen in your liver.

The same occurs to fats. They get broken down into fatty acids and absorbed into your circulation and produce your own form of fats. Nothing can be absorbed unless they are completely broken down.

Routes of infection for SARS virus

When you get infected by an infectious organism, this is due to two main ways – either through your nose or through your mouth. Other ways include abrasions, injuries and sexual contact.

The first thing that happens when the organism enters your body through your nose, you sneeze to expel the organism.

If it enters through your stomach, you vomit. If it gets through your stomach, you may have diarrhea.

These are all good. They are defensive mechanisms that God has installed into your system in order to protect you. Hence, if you get diarrhea or you begin to vomit, it is alright. Nothing severe is going to happen. It is all for your own good.

Lymphatic Organs

If these organism manage to get through your primary defense mechanism (nose, mouth, etc), then they will get trapped in your lymph nodes or glands which in turn results in white blood cells being released (your body police), which will catch the organism, chew them up and turn them into antigens called messangers and send them to a gland in your neck called the thymus. The thymus, upon receiving the messagengers will recognize that a foreign agent has entered the body and “calls” your bone marrow and orders it to produce Antibodies (police force).

It takes around 2 weeks to produce antibodies against these organisms. These antibodies are called Primary Antibodies because it is the first time that these antibodies are produced against that specific organism. By the end of the second week your body will be saturated with the antibodies.

If in the future, your body gets attacked by the same organism; your body will produce the antibody within 24-48 hours. These are called secondary antibodies.  Therefore now you cannot be infected, you do not get that disease or flu for the rest of your life.


This is the body’s amazing “immunity – memory system”. This is a priceless gift from God and an astounding piece of engineering.

Is Halaal method a humane or barbaric way to slaughter animals? [VIDEO]

Please watch then judge..Indeed, knowledge is power..

please watch the below link for modern slaughter methods employed by most countries in the world especially if yo are from the West..

The Food inc. –

For additional information please read my article “Why Halal Food Is Good For Everyone?”

Yvonne Ridley, In the hands of the Taliban – Prisoner of the “Most Oppressive” Regime on earth[VIDEO]


Yvonne Ridley (born 23 April 1958) is a British journalist and Respect Party activist best known for her capture by the Taliban and subsequent conversion to Islam after release. Yvonne Ridley has, among others, worked for Press TV news channel.

Yvonne Ridley attended the London College of Printing. As a journalist, she has written for The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Observer, The Mirror and the News of the World. She was deputy editor of Wales on Sunday and was chief reporter when the Sunday Express sent her to Afghanistan after 9/11 event.
She has also delivered lectures on issues relating to Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and Uzbekistan, Women in Islam, the War on Terror and journalism at universities across the United States of America, Australia, South Africa and the Middle East. She has written two books called In The Hands of the Taliban and Ticket to Paradise.

Yvonne Ridley is a patron of the UK-based pressure groups Cage-prisoners, the European President of the International Muslim Women’s Union and the Vice President of the European Muslim League based in Milan and Geneva. She is a member of the Stop the War Coalition, at whose rallies she has spoken, and the Respect Party, for whom she has stood in parliamentary elections.

Yvonne Ridley : “… They were bombing and decimating the population for reasons only known to the USA and its Allies. The poor Taliban had no idea why America wished to invade Afghanistan. They had heard of this as a ‘mishap’ but had no idea of the enormity of the tragedy. They did not know of the complexity of the buildings and people jumping out of towers 100 stories high, as they did not have TV’s nor did they know a tower when they were told about it…”