Why Most Terrorists Are Muslims?

By Dr Asif

Why Most Terrorists Are Muslims?

Why The World Hates Islam And The Muslims?

Why Are Muslims At The Center Stage Of Terrorism?

Are Muslims Barbaric and Violent as the Media portrays?

And Again….Where To Draw The Line?

Please be sincere and honest to yourself first… you will never uncover the oppression and lies of the media against Islam and the Muslims unless you keep aside the preconceived notions about Islam that you have been spoon fed for several decades through the Media..

I know very well that most of you hate Muslims and Islam from the depths of your hearts.We dont blame you for that!

We, as Muslims are partially to take the blame for our horrible behavior and unworthy character that many of us have portrayed to you…The other half of the blame goes to the Media (ABC,BBC,CNN,Al Jazeera ,etc) on how they portray us to fulfill their well sponsored Agenda.

If you are sincere in clearing the dust off your eyes about Islam and Muslims, please do not judge Islam by the actions of the Muslims.

Muslims, by definition, are a group of human beings who are mostly born to parents who are Muslims or have Muslim names. They don’t necessarily represent the teachings of Islam.


In every community, there are Black Sheeps. But the Media, takes the Black Sheeps among the Muslims, portrays them in big screens and says to you – ” Look! This is how All Muslims are!”

So if you want to clear off the dust and look at Islam as it sincerely is..please read the Quran ( Islamic scripture). If you can, please get a copy of the Quran with translation of whichever language you speak best, at any authentic Islamic book stores around your place or ask your Muslim friend for a copy. If you are unable to get one, then please visit any authentic Islamic websites which includes – 


 Please watch this short clip –


If you want to know the full story of how Muslims have become the Center Stage of Terrorism, please watch this video –






2 thoughts on “Why Most Terrorists Are Muslims?

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  2. Dude – Your statement was well thought out, but the freedom of the press is one thing Muslims (and Russians under Putin and North Korea ….so, okay, you’re not the only ones) don’t seem to have. Despite how silly the media can be, the freedom to say and write what we all want is God-given. And if not for freedom of the press no one would know about those places that are stymied by the lack of it. Also, by the way, we in the west don’t consider the media and agenda to be deities .We usually only use uppercase letters for the names of people and specific places and of course God. And, I’m sorry to sound so self-righteous, but every time I type the letter “a” in this pompous note I’m writing it wants it to be uppercase. And when I was typing the word “God-given” and mistyped one letter it tried to autocorrect the word “given” to vengeful. Totally uncool. God can call himself vengeful, but it’s rAther rude if we say so. See! There’s that silly uppercase “a” … I’m sure Allah and our father God will love us even if we spelled their names in lowercase. Would not you if your mom or perhaps a child spelled your name that way?
    Finally, don’t you think we should pray for all violent Muslims and white supremacists and other overtly messed up people? And their misinformed parents too! 🙂 All of us can certainly behave like jerks sometime, but for some reason their jerk-dom seems to affect everyone. Sorry… I tried to spell jerk-dom as one word but I can’t figure out how to turn off the autocorrect. Have a nice weekend, T.

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