EU shameless initiative to Israel: Gaza reconstruction in exchange for Hamas disarmament

This initiative yet again proves the preposterous disregard of EU leaders  for the Palestinians rights..

Israeli sources announced that Germany, France and Britain recently presented an initiative aimed at reconstructing Gaza subject to international supervision that will prevent the rearmament of Hamas and other factions in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz today reported unnamed Israeli sources as saying that “the proposal by the three European states is an answer to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for the disarmament of Hamas.”

The “principles for agreement” about the Gaza Strip are:

  • Preventing the armament and strengthening of Hamas and the rest of the “terror organisations” in Gaza.

  • Rebuilding the Gaza Strip in cooperation with the international community and the Palestinian Authority and enabling the transfer of humanitarian aid.

  • Setting up an international mechanism to prevent the entry of prohibited materials to the Strip and ensuring that materials, such as cement and iron, do not reach the “terror organisations” but are used only to rehabilitate Gaza.

  • Returning the Palestinian Authority and puppet President Mahmoud Abbas to the Gaza Strip (i.e. dismantling Hamas).

  • The possibility of returning the European Union’s Border Assistance Mission to the Rafah border crossing alongside the Palestinian presidential guard.

Terror organizations according to Israel are any organizations that resist the occupation and genocide. In a summary, Israel is saying : ” We will kill, arrest whomsoever we want and destroy your homes, steal your lands, prevent the basic necessities for life from getting into Gaza and in exchange you should not resist us. If you resist, you are terrorists hence we will kill you because it is “Self-Defense”. 

Hamas supporters

Since Hamas, the legitimate government of Gaza, which Israel considers a “terrorist organisation” won the Palestinian legislative elections in January 2006; Israel Terrorists have imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip, where more than 1.8 million Palestinians live. This blockade was tightened after the group seized control of the territory in June of the following year.

In response to this shameful initiative, Senior leader of Islamic Jihad (Resistance forces) Khader Habib said on Wednesday that the Palestinian conditions for the Cairo talks are: halting Israel’s aggressions and ending the siege of the Gaza Strip.

“These are not demands,” he told Palestinian news agency Quds. “They are rights,” he explained.

He also ruled out any discussion over demilitarising the Palestinian resistance in return for reconstructing the Gaza Strip. “The issue of arms is connected to the existence of the occupation,” he said, adding that, “this right is guaranteed by the laws of heaven and earth.”

Regarding Islamic Jihad’s position towards the possibility of international peacekeepers in Gaza, Habib said: “We will have a say when this is posed for discussion. However, initially, we refuse the existence of international forces in Gaza because previous experiences have proven that they protect the enemy.”

Commenting on the absolute destruction resulting from Israel’s massive attacks on several parts of Gaza, Habib said: “When the Israeli occupation felt it had failed to face the resistance, it put all of its power in destroying homes and infrastructure in order to break the will of the fighters.”

He added: “Our nation will continue fighting until achieving all the goals set by the resistance.”



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